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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The Tenth Chapter

As King En is introducing himself to Youko, they are attacked by a second force of youma. Youko takes out the leader of the pack and the rest withdrawal. King En then takes Youko to his personal inn. She tells him her story and how she doesn't think she is a queen. King En explains to her how her sword creates illusions and unless she learns to conquer it, it will continue to haunt her. Just then Enki walks in, Youko is shocked and has realized she has seen this boy before. King En tells Youko to come to his palace with him. She agrees. She goes to get Rakushun but he is hesitant to go with her now that shes going to be a queen.. Finally she talks him into knowing that nothing has changed. They arrive at the palace just before night hits. Youko enjoys the view of the sea from the top of the palace. King En shows them around and after Youko takes a bath she comes out to find Rakushun.. As a human. Finding him attractive, Youko feels embarassed after the way she treated him as a rat. The
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