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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The Third Chapter

The chase continues.. The youma chasing them are a pack of Kiki. They attack the man stearing and the wagons tips over. Youko, Sugimoto and Asano are still tied up. One of the guards unties them and tells them to run for it, just as he gets killed, but before the others can run they are surrounded. The hinman takes Youko over once again and makes her kill the Kiki. In a palace near by we see the King of Kou and the mysterious figure from before.. It is a woman named Kourin. King Kou tells her that the kaikyaku are a bad omen to the land and that she must use her shirei to kill them.. Kourin is depressed about this. The next morning Youko and the others are looking for food and they come across a town. They break into a house and look around. A woman named Takki arrives and calls them theives. Sugimoto grabs her from behind and tells Youko to kill her.. Youko can't do it and breaks down in tears.. Takki starts to feel pity for them and offers them to stay the night. During the middle of
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